Friday, August 11, 2006

Avoiding Madness

With all the recent hubbub about airline security for flights originating in the UK, I got to thinking, if I had to empty my pockets and could only carry a plastic bag with cash, credit cards, plane tickets, feminine supplies, and keys onboard, how would I avoid going totally insane on a 10 hour flight. Hummm...

Well, first off, 4" size 1 dp glove needles could masquerade as hair ornaments. But where to put the yarn? Skein it and wear it as a necklace? Knit a faux garment (sock yarn scarf knit on size 15 needles?), wear it onboard and unravel it as I knit? That might work.

Tatting could be disguised as a necklace too -- wind a couple of plastic tatting shuttles, drape the thread around my neck, and I'd be good to go as soon as the flight takes off.

A regular-sized kumihimo disk wouldn't pass muster, but one of those little bitty ones (couldn't find them online, but I've seen them at Carolina Homespun) could also be disguised as a bigass necklace.

Okay, I feel better now. But then again, how would I keep the kids from going bonkers?


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