Friday, July 14, 2006

Kumi huh?

While we were at camp last week, I wanted to bring some project to work on that would be portable, easy to put down in the event of an emergency (scraped knee, immediate need to towel off, extreme hunger, etc.), and not be something that would make me sweat just thinking about it because it's 90°F (e.g., knitting wool socks).

So, I brought my kumihimo disk and plate, pulled up a lawn chair and started braiding. I thought I could relax and catch up on a few podcasts, but every few minutes or so, some other lawn denizen would come up and ask me what I was doing.

Amazingly, there was one woman who not only recognized the disk, but said that she' d just purchased one for her son to try. How 'bout that?

In any case, for the uninitiated, the short answer was, "Google 'friendship bracelet wheel' or 'friendship wheel' when you get home and you'll find the mass-market version for kids." Maybe next year, they'll recognize what I'm doing, but wonder what the heck "Kumihimo" means.


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